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over 2 years ago
lobby function from parkour

Username - CasualWaffle

Location - Infinite Parkour

Type of bug - Functionality

Minecraft Version - 1.18.2

Description / Proof - The command initiates in chat (Teleported to the lobby) but the player stays in position

More Information - The command /lobby functions as expected in SMP

over 2 years ago
Staff Application, CasualWaffle

Minecraft Username ( i.e. DerVillion )

Discord Tag ( i.e. DerVillion#0420 )

How old are you?


What's your current country and timezone?
United States of America, Eastern, UTC -5

What staff role do you want to apply for?

What languages do you speak?

Do you have a working mic?

Have you ever been banned in the past? ( Forums & In-game ) If yes, why?

How long have you been playing on our Network?
Joined December 18, 2021

What server do you play on the most on our Network?

Why do you want to become a member of staff?
I would like to contribute more than just the everyday gameplay. Having had the chance to assist with chat moderation I would like to lend my hand at a higher level. Seeing the reach of what is being created I feel I could be a strong part of a larger community as the network grows without being a hinderance or a power driven nuisance.

What previous experience do you have as staff? If any. Why did you leave?
Having started Minecraft around or before 2013, I have had the opportunity to have various levels of staff ability over the years. It would not take me long to understand the nuances of how DerCraft works to guide and assist its growth where needed. A few small servers ran by myself and friends are the bulk of my experience. While this did consist of plugin configuration and setup I will never say that I understood everything. Aside from personal experiences on that front I also have physical experience of supervising a staff of 30+ since 2016. That leadership has strengthened me as an individual to accept and give criticism professionally and to use logic over impulse when making decisions that may have a broader reach than the immediate nature of an issue.

What do you expect to do once you become staff? What roles do you think you would play? What best describes the position you're applying for?
I would continue on much as I have before. I will be around to assist where needed in game, and is appropriate to do so. If situations arise that need me for other aspects, say on another DerCraft network server, I would happily assist. I feel an Admin is a trusted rank that can hold many hats without issue. Whether its simple in game chat moderation or a more in-depth rollback of a player grief, an Admin is that support person in service to the community. In short an Admin is a trusted leader among players and other staff.

Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? ( i.e. recording software, screenshots, etc )
Yes, I can screenshot, record and archive chat as needed.

How long can you be active on the server every day?
Several hours, I cannot say how long already on average but I would guess around 6 on weekdays and even more so on weekends.

How would you deal with someone breaking the rules? Exploting or Hacking? You can add examples
As with anything acknowledgment is always first. Not all rules that are broken are worth addressing depending on their severity. There are always reasons that are sensible and not instantly nefarious in nature. Take note, watch for a clear pattern and address the issue head on once you are sure. Whether an exploiter, client hacker or heavy griever it all begins with observation and communication. It is quite possible that the player is not aware that the community guidelines condone behaviors deemed against the guidelines. Players should be given the opportunity to do the right thing, whether through apologies or simple compliance moving forward. Only after that has been attempted should staff take a heavier handed approach.

If you could change one thing about the server, what would it be? (OPTIONAL QUESTION)
More players is my impulsive answer, but in the end the (SMP) server needs a better Spawn in area that guides players on basics for the community.

Do you have any plugin knowledge? To what extent? User side? Admin side? Dev side? (Try to reference all if any experience you've had)
Worldguard, McMMO, Economy based setup on the backend.

Would you like to tell us anything else about yourself?
Thank you for the opportunity to offer my assistance with the launching of the DerCraft brand and Network.

over 2 years ago
Inconsistent Fly Mode between worlds

​​​​​​​Username - CasualWaffle

Location - SMP, All worlds

Type of bug -Inconsistency

Minecraft Version - 1.18.1, OptiFabric 1.12.10

Description / Proof - /fly disables when teleporting between worlds, but persists if using portal. Affects all world variations

More Information - Not sure if intended or minor issue. However, I would like to see it be consistent 100% of the time either way.

over 2 years ago
SMP: Custom Enchanting list

During regular enchanting there is a chance to receive a custom enchant.


Replanter  - lvl 1

Replants crops when you break them

- Hoes


 Experience  - lvl 1 - 5

- Chance to get more experience from ores

- Pickaxe


 Smelting  - lvl 1 - 3

- Chance to smelt mined blocks

- Pickaxes / Shovels


 Haste  - lvl 1 - 3

- Gives you a permanent Haste effect when held

- Tools


 Veinminer  - lvl 1 - 3

- Mine entire vein of ores

- Pickaxes


 Telepathy  - lvl 1 - 4

- Automatically collect all blocks broken

- Tools
(Not compatible with fortune)


 Reforged  - lvl 1 - 10

- Works like unbreaking, sometimes negates tool damage.

- Tools


 Trench  - lvl 1 - 10

- Dig in a 3x3 area

- Pickaxes / Shovels


 Restore  - lvl 1 - 4

- After breaking the item, it has a chance to remove this enchant and return with half durability

- Tools


 Replenish  - lvl 1 - 3

- Chance to restore food while mining

- Pickaxes


 Endmaster  - lvl 1 - 3

- Double damage to mobs in the End.

- Swords


 Poison  - lvl 1 - 3

- Chance to inflict poison damage

- Swords/Axes


 Explosive  - lvl 1 - 5

- Chance for arrows to explode

- Bows


 Aquatic  - lvl 1

- Breath underwater

- Helmets


 Glowing  - lvl 1

- Gives permanent night vision

- Helmets


 Jelly Legs  - lvl 1 - 3

- Chance to negate fall damage

- Boots


 Springs  - lvl 1 - 3

- Gives jump boost

- Boots


 Lava Walker  - lvl 1

- Gain the ability to walk on lava

- Boots


 Water Walker  - lvl 1

- Gain the ability to walk on water

- Boots


 Overload  - lvl 1 - 3

- Unlocks additional hearts

- Armor


 Hook  - lvl 1 - 3

- Get more exp. from fishing

- Fishing Rods


 Snap  - lvl 1 - 3

- Gives further pull force when pulling an entity towards you

- Fishing Rods


 Lucky  - lvl 1 - 3

- Chance to increase luck while fishing

- Fishing Rods

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