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SMP: Custom Enchanting list

Overload does not stack, so wearing overload 1 on 3 pieces will not give you the same effect as overload 3, it will just act like only one piece has overload 1

over 2 years ago
Staff Application - MechanicCactuss

Minecraft Username ( i.e. DerVillion )


Discord Tag ( i.e. DerVillion#0420 )

MechanicCactuss #4350

How old are you?




What's your current country and timezone?

Netherlands CET

What staff role do you want to apply for?

Moderator, but wouldn't mind being admin (which I know is a task that requiers more attention and commitment than moderator so I expect that if I'd have to work my way up there due to how demanding it is).

What languages do you speak?

English, Dutch, little bit of French and a little bit of German.

Do you have a working mic?

I do.

Have you ever been banned in the past? ( Forums & In-game ) If yes, why?


How long have you been playing on our Network?

I joined the discord on the 11th of Februari 2021, and on the server since June which was when the original(?) smp started.

What server do you play on the most on our Network?


Why do you want to become a member of staff?

Because I feel like I could be a decently useful moderator on this server, I've had quite some experience as a moderator, and at one point even owned my own server and believe I definitely know beyond the basics of moderating a server. Along with that I really enjoy playing on this server, and you gotta have that enjoyment and passion for something when you have to moderate it, otherwise you'd get those moderators that don't care about a server and just care about the power they get over others (like what happens on Reddit way to often).

What previous experience do you have as staff? If any. Why did you leave?

I worked as a moderator on Gissacraft, While I still believe Giss was stupid for making people mods just cause they invited people, making me a moderator was probably the smartest thing he ever did, because I actually did stuff compared to other moderators there, I also got co owner eventually, which somehow led to Giss doing nothing and me fixing all the problems.
And that's where it went wrong, I was confident in my abilities and started a discord server for my at that point non-existent minecraft server, and because basically everyone on the staff team was my friend, they all joined my discord, and Giss saw this as a betrayal (His friend even came and helped me with my server after he was banned by Giss).
He decided the best thing to do was make his child followers believe me and the my friends (one of which was Melon) were the bad guys, Kinda like how he did to Der in a voice chat. And he then revoked all our perms, which is how i lost my staff perks.

But he was stupid and lost his account to the console while I still had access to the console, So me, Melon, Panda, and some others, completely blew his server to pieces and that was the point of no return for Giss, after which his entire server slowly crumbled until now where it no longer exists, I don't even know if Giss still exists.
Though he did harass me in my discord for my YouTube channel in September 2020.

Now to the time where I owned a server, I had it for about 3 months and eventually decided to stop cause nobody joined and I was young and didn't want to keep spending money on it.

What do you expect to do once you become staff? What roles do you think you would play? What best describes the position you're applying for?

With the current activity of the server I expect to not really be needed but once this server gains more people (which it seems to already be doing right now) I expect to have to deal with some trouble makers every now and then, just general peace keeping, so yeah, just being a peace keeper is what I'd expect to be, but I'm willing to do more if needed, and that's also what best describes the position in my opinion.

Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? ( i.e. recording software, screenshots, etc )

I have Geforce Experience in which I can record the last minute of game play or start a recording.

How long can you be active on the server every day?

About 1 hour expect for weekends in which I'll be online atleast 3 hours, unless I gotta visit family or have an important test, then it will decrease a bit.

How would you deal with someone breaking the rules? Exploting or Hacking? You can add examples

Depends on my rank, for this I'm going to give examples for Admin, with the idea of having all the necessary perms, and Helper, with the idea of having nothing but my status as staff to help me.

I'd first confirm that they are in fact breaking the rules via spectator, once I'm positive they were in fact breaking the rules I'd give them a kick if it's not the harmful hacks otherwise quick ban, and in that kick warning them for a ban if they decide to continue their use of hacks/exploits, if they do not stop I will give them a ban with a length that depends on how bad the hack/exploit. All of this will be recorded from the moment I suspect them of cheating in case they appeal.

If I was suspecting someone of hacking I would notify an Admin (or moderator) about it since they have the ability of confirming whether or not a person is hacking,
However if I was there, and seeing them hack, I would record it and sent it to an Admin for them to deal with.

Showing rude and/or inappropriate behavior
I'd first warn them, and if they continue their behavior give them a short mute, unless it was some severely rude behavior in which I'd give them a harsher punishment, If they continue their behavior after sitting out their mute I would extend to mute no more than 3 times, after which I would issue a temporary ban. This would again be recorded from the moment I notice the behavior.

I'd collect some evidence of someone's rude behavior and then give said evidence to an Admin who can deal with the situation.

If you could change one thing about the server, what would it be? (OPTIONAL QUESTION)


Do you have any plugin knowledge? To what extent? User side? Admin side? Dev side? (Try to reference all if any experience you've had)

I know how to install them, use them, and edit the config files.
I also tried getting into making plugins but school kept getting in the way, I do have some experience in manipulating the game files for textures thought I'm unsure how that compares to plugins.

Would you like to tell us anything else about yourself?

I'm a 17 year old guy who has spent the majority of his time online, ever since I was 9 I've been playing English games online instead of just minecraft (since 2011), which has really helped my progress with the language, I also like tech a lot, I'm planning on learning to code. I've also built my own pc.

Currently I'm doing the highest possible level of 'High School' in the Netherlands (I don't really know how it compares to other countries but you do 'high school' from about 12 and how long depends on the level) the level I'm doing currently has you do 6 years and I'm currently in the 4th and the classes I currently have are Math, Science, Physics, Old Greek, English, Philosophy, Dutch and Gym.

Other than that I'm a relatively unsocial dude and work in a supermarket stocking shelves for 3 hours, 3 days a week

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